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Official page on opensea (be aware of scammers)


Proof of Narnian NFT Overview

Total Supply:

3 333 unique high quality JPEG's

Total Distribution:

3000 allocated to - NFT Whitelist mint event, 333 allocated to ICO Drops Foundation (for future needs, not for sell)

NFT Private Mint Max Cap:

1 NFT per 1 whitelist address

NFT Mint Date:

09.08.2022 19:00 Moscow Time

NFT Mint Page:


Mint Price:

0.199 ETH

How to mint:

The mint form will be displayed above, connect ERC20 wallet and mint (for mint we use Bueno - popular service for NFT mint, you will interact with Bueno service)

Disclaimer: There is no value attached to Proof of Narnian NFT, it doesn’t provide any right of ownership in any of projects. You voluntarily participate in mint at your own risk.